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Insurance Policy Review
Understanding the terms and conditions of your flood insurance policy is crucial when filing a flood insurance claim. Our skilled team of public adjusters will review your policy, identifying coverage limits, deductibles, and exclusions relevant to flood damage. This evaluation allows us to develop a strategic approach that maximizes the potential of your claim within the confines of your policy.
Accurate Damage Evaluation
Accurately evaluating flood damage is crucial for maximizing your claim. Our team of experienced public adjusters has in-depth knowledge of flood-related damages and the associated costs of repair, restoration, and replacement. We leverage this expertise to ensure that all damages are accurately assessed, enabling us to present a comprehensive claim that reflects the true value of your losses.
Detailed Documentation
Comprehensive documentation is vital for a successful flood insurance claim. Our non-profit public adjusting firm excels in compiling detailed claim packages. We gather evidence such as photographs, videos, damage reports, inventory lists, and repair estimates. This meticulous documentation helps substantiate your claim and ensures that all losses are accounted for, maximizing your potential compensation.
flood Claims

The UPA Approach

Our goal is to present a compelling case to the insurance company, highlighting the full scope of the flood damage and the corresponding financial impact on your property.
We leverage our expertise and evidence to achieve the maximum compensation possible for your flood damages.
Our non-profit public adjusting firm is dedicated to expediting the claims process and securing timely settlements for flood damage victims

Why Choose Us?

The UPA Difference™ is a proven approach.
1.Expertise and Experience
Our team of public adjusters brings a wealth of expertise and experience in handling flood insurance claims. We have in-depth knowledge of insurance policies, claim procedures, and the tactics used by insurance companies. With our expertise, we can navigate the complexities of your claim and effectively advocate for the maximum compensation you deserve.

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If your property has experienced flood damage and you want to maximize your insurance claim, we encourage you to reach out to our non-profit public adjusting firm.
Our team of experienced professionals is ready to guide you through the process, provide expert assistance, and ensure that you receive the fair compensation you deserve. Let us be your trusted advocate during this challenging time.

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