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United Public Adjusters (UPA) offers assistance to Restaurants
The Restaurant Rescue Program ( RRP) kicked off
Newtown, PA, March 16 2021 — With the continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic many restaurants and food establishments are suffering significant financial losses. United Public Adjusters (UPA)  has announced a new program, the Restaurant Rescue Program (RRP) to assist restaurant owners and food establishments in recovering financial stability during these challenging times. The RRP offers free inspections to restaurants and food establishments. UPA also provides representation to recover funds that restaurant owners and food establishments are entitled to receive for recent damages. The RRP also includes a full policy review and execution strategy for business losses associated with the challenges many business owners currently face.
Peter Guzzi, founder of UPA, says of the program, "our mission is to protect the policy holder and assist our communities by bringing awareness and education to those in need."
The public adjusters with UPA work for restaurant owners and food establishments in order to recover entitled funds for restoration to pre-loss conditions after recent damages. Public adjusters handle everything from start to finish, including communications with insurance companies, so that restaurant owners can focus on their business.
For more information contact UPA at 1-855-944-3473 or help@unitedpublicadjusters.org or visit unitedpublicadjusters.org
About United Public Adjusters
Founded in 2013, United Public Adjusters (UPA) is a nationally recognized nonprofit public adjusting firm. UPA currently works in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, and currently expanding in California, New York and Texas. With experts and licensed personnel who are empathetic, UPA is dedicated to giving back to communities in need through relief programs designed to assist property and business owners in recovering necessary funds. Each year, UPA assists hundreds of clients in restoring value to their homes and businesses while providing peace of mind.
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