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United Public Adjusters Non-Profit Organization is the only registered 501(C)(3) Non-Profit public adjusting firm in the country. Our mission is to educate you (the policyholder) on your coverages and rights. We are licensed by your state to ensure that you are being paid out properly by your insurance company. Our efforts stretch nationwide, where we fight to maximize your insurance claims, getting you the settlement payout that you deserve. The difference between us and your insurance adjuster is that we advocate on your behalf, while your insurance adjuster advocates on behalf of your insurance company. Insurance companies are a business, just like everyone else, and a foundational element of business is to minimize your costs. The main cost that insurance companies incur are claim payouts. Is it starting to make sense now? You wouldn't represent yourself in court without a lawyer on your side, don't represent yourself in an insurance claim without a public adjuster on your side. Your insurance carrier has an adjuster, you should too!

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Are you looking for a public adjuster that is licensed in your state? We can help! United Public Adjusters is expanding throughout the nation, with the goal of embarking internationally. We are seeking to reach as many communities as possible through our experience and expertise. From small residential homes to large commercial properties, we are prepared to provide free assistance where aid is needed. Whether your insurance claim has already been filed, needs to be filed, was closed with a low payout, or even if you claim was flat-out denied - we can manage the claim and advocate on your behalf. As one of the best reviewed public adjusting firms in the nation, we are armed with resources to fight for you and maximize your claim settlement.
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Our licensed public adjusters are equipped with the latest technology in the industry. From the initial outreach to the settlement, we are leveraging our resources to streamline the process in the most professional and timely manner. We utilize Matterport cameras to create 3-D renditions of the property and its accompanying rooms. After gathering the proper photos and measurements, we input the data into our estimating software to formulate a precise estimate on the value of damage that has occurred. Next, we thoroughly analyze and inspect your insurance policy. After the evidence gathering, estimating, and analyzing processes are complete, we will negotiate the claim on your behalf. All our public adjusters are university educated and certified by the state to adjust your claim to its proper value.

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