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Timonth Clauss, the current President and CEO of United Public Adjusters(UPA) has been leading the organization since 2019. Under Tim's leadership, UPA has expanded into an additional 19 states, with more coming aboard every Month. Tim also has over been responsible for the UPA to be the first non-profit public adjusting firm in the United States. Tim is committed to serving the public in UPA's educational programs, Project Restore and Operation Fire safety, two of the most successful programs in UPA's history. With additional sponsored programs like Restaurant Rescue Program, Business Owner Rescue Program, Sellers Advantage, Landlord Advantage, and Loyal Christian Housing Advantage, there are plenty of opportunities to assist a lot of folks and help them recover from major storm events. Tim runs the company on the basic principle of your word is your bond as when you give your word you must honor it as if it were to God and always do your best. Tim always preaches that our clients are hurting, we have to help, and he uses that drive and determination to lead UPA across the US with an eye on Worldwide expansion.
As Tim has always stated, "People need our services all over the World". And with this since UPA never takes a penny directly out of the client's pocket or asked the client to write a check. It is no wonder the non-profit has seen such rapid expansion. This is a direct result of the need for Public Adjusting services not only in the United States but on a worldwide scope. UPA has committed to being the public adjusting company of choice for anyone who has suffered property damage and they feel they haven't received enough money from their insurance company to repair the damages. Tim personally monitors every case and works around the clock to ensure every public adjusting client gets the needed funds to repair their damage. Tim's non-stop work ethic and unwavering determination have made UPA one of the most respected Public Adjustment firms in the country. UPA can provide you and your family with the assured satisfaction of knowing your claim will not just be another claim on someone's desk. At UPA, we treat every claim as if it were our own. UPA has its network of Attorneys, Engineers, and independent third-party appraisers to guarantee your claim gets handled correctly. We take great pride in being one of the only, if not the only firm that provide this type of claim handling. At UPA, we are constantly reinvesting into the company so we can provide the absolute highest level of claims handling for our clients. Our goal is to get every single penny our clients are entitled to receive. This is such a simple concept, but unfortunately, the world we live in oftentimes requires much work to meet this end. We are extremely proud of the work we do for our clients and welcome you to experience the UPA difference in Public adjusting as the difference is nothing short of amazing!
You see when they want to be tough on a claim in which is often they have one of their " experts " look at the damage these so-called experts often have very little experience and are getting paid by the insurance companies, so it does take a Genius to figure out that 99% of the time if not 99.9% of the time they agree with exactly what the insurance company adjuster is saying. You see now they can say " our expert said" and also " we are sticking with our experts' opinion". But don't worry UPA's experts are highly qualified and are experts in their respective lines of work. This enables them to put together a report that clearly states our position. You see when there are major storm events with winds hurling at 180 miles per hour it's not unusually to have extensive damage plus often the damage is unseen by the naked eye. This is due to the nature of how these structures are affected. But you can rest assured if your insurance company calls one of their experts to the claim, we will match with our expert and make sure your home is getting the correct evaluation and estimate. We completely understand that missed damage can cost our property owners thousands of dollars if not detected and paid for in the event that caused the damage. As you can see just because UPA is a non-profit doesn't mean for a minute you are getting less than the absolute best Public adjusting possible. We are very proud of what we do for each abs everyone of our clients and are excited to welcome new ones every day to the UPA family!

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