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We currently cover 12 states with more coming on line each month. We plan to be across the country by 2023. We currently serve homeowner in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky, Colorado, Maryland, Iowa, and Virginia. Any homeowner in the states we currently service may be eligible for compensation for their damages. We have an ever growing team of licensed public adjusters who are educated and here to help you navigate the claims process with ease. The areas we currently service have some very unique challenges that we are able to assist a homeowner with.
The southeastern United States has some very interesting weather patterns that present many challenges to homeowners and builders alike. Tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes are just a few of the challenges presented in any given year. These massively destructive weather patterns cause billions and billions of damage to homes each year and in some cases on each occurrence.
The mid west and southwest have their own set of challenges with straight line winds, tornadoes, and wind and hail storms. Though all of these storms center around wind they all have different levels of devastation that they inflict upon the residents of these areas. The hailstorms in these areas are some of the most damaging in the country with the largest hail stone being reported at around 8 inches and weighing in at a whopping 1.94 pounds. This hailstone was recorded in Vivian, South Dakota on July 23, 2010. However, large hail is reported across the mid west and southwest with massive destruction caused by these large hunks of ice. In some cases large hail will break through roofs and enter the home causing even more havoc for the homeowner with not only exterior but interior and contents damage.
The west has another very destructive type of loss in wild fires. Wild fires have been becoming larger and more destructive due to the warming trend of the earth currently as well as the record droughts in recent years. These two factors have increased the destructive power of these fires and have made them even more difficult to contain when they do break out.
The northeast is a very old part of the country and many of the homes are 75-250 years old which presents a whole different set of problems with plumbing and electrical wiring. Water presents a problem in every home with running water but with the old piping in these very old cities there are constant issues that pop up in many homes on a daily basis. The electrical wiring that was used in homes that were built in the late 19th Century and early 20th century generally wired with knob and tube wiring. This was the best option at the time and remarkably there are still many homes that are wired in that manner still to this day. This type of wiring presents a higher fire risk than more modern wiring and should be updated to avoid destructive fires to your home.
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