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Fire and Smoke Claims

Fire and smoke damage to properties are becoming less common with the modern electrical codes that are in place but there are still a number of other ways that fire and smoke damage can occur in your home. Wildfires, kitchen fires, and electrical fires are a few of the ways a fire could start in your home. These fires can be very damaging to the items they are in close contact with but the smoke damage could be even more extensive as smoke finds it ways into every corner and crevice of the home even areas that were very distant from the fire itself. When fire and smoke effect a home proper remediation from a restoration company is necessary to get the home properly cleaned and safe for its inhabitants. Smoke damage can be even more extensive than you think and proper evaluation is critical to your health in the event of a fire and smoke event. Smoke damage, if left unremediated, can be very detrimental to your health and home. When items such as plastics, cleaning chemicals, etc. catch fire the smoke can deposit carcinogens in the walls and on the items in your home. This smoke will get into any porous surface and also cause corrosion to hard surfaces if left on them for extended periods of time. As a result it is imperative to have a restoration company come in and evaluate the damage as soon as possible to assure that the smoke and fire damage is remediated properly. United Public Adjusters will help you get proper compensation for the damage done to your home by fire and smoke. Reach out to us for an evaluation and assistance with your claim today.
Fire & Smoke Claims

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