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Hurricane and Tropical Storm Damage

Hurricanes and tropical storms form in the Atlantic Ocean generally between the months of June and November. They are categorized by their wind speeds and pressure. The strongest hurricane in the Atlantic occurred in October of 2005, Hurricane Wilma. It had a pressure of 882 mbar and packed 185 mile per hour sustained winds. This is considered a Category 5 hurricane which is currently the highest rating available for hurricanes. This storm caused 27.4 billion dollars of damage from the Caribbean all the way up to Canada. When storms like this or even small hurricanes or tropical storms hit populated areas they can cause massive damage to homes and personal property. Hurricanes and tropical storms can have many different damage causing items associated with them with some of them being wind, rain, flood, wind blow debris, and hail just to name a few. In many hurricane prone areas there may be a separate policy or set of deductibles for hurricanes and wind damage. The damages from these storms may be extensive or minor. In extreme cases houses are wiped off the map, have roofs and siding ripped off the home, and have extensive water damage to the interior and contents. We at United Public Adjusters are here to help you get the proper compensation for your damages when disaster strikes.
Hurricane and Tropical Storm Damage Claims

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