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Natural Disasters Claims

Natural Disasters were once a seemingly uncommon occurrence. Now a days it seems like there is a new natural disaster on a daily basis. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wind storms, etc. are all on the rise and are getting stronger as our climate changes and adjusts.
Hurricanes are getting larger and stronger and more frequent. The southeastern United States are being impacted and damaged at unprecedented levels. Millions and Billions of dollars are destroyed with each storm and many of the homeowners are underpaid from their insurance company and the value of their homes are diminished. Their roofing, siding, and interior of the homes in many cases are damaged due to the strength of the new hurricanes.
Tornadoes are strong swirling wind storms that cause mass destruction to the areas that they hit and the surrounding communities. Storms of extremely large size and destructive power are hitting the United States and in some cases are staying on the ground for extensive periods of time and extremely long distances. This is only causing more damage and destruction to the homes in and around the path of these increasingly destructive storms. Whole homes and their foundations are being ripped from the earth is some cases and Floods are happening more often and in areas that don't normally have flooding problems historically. This peril is many times exacerbated by the increasingly strong storms and hurricanes. This type of damage is generally not covered by insurance companies unless the homeowner has flood insurance.
Windstorms are happening in many new areas of the country that have not had wind issues in the past. With the changing climate the wind and storm patterns are shifting and the citizens of the United States are working to keep up with the changes.
The homeowners pay their homeowners insurance premium so that their home is put back to pre-loss condition when it is destroyed. Many homeowners leave 10's of thousands and sometimes 100's of thousands of dollars on the table each year due to lack of knowledge of the insurance policy and being misled to not put an insurance claim in for what is considered to be “small damage that may not hit the deductible”. Many times, they are given this advice without the person advising them even seeing the damage in person.
These types of damage may be covered in your insurance policy but you should have a professional from United Public Adjusters review your coverage to be sure that you are covered in the event you experience a natural disaster in the future.
Natural Disasters Claims

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