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What is a Roof Insurance Claim?

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Roof insurance claims are very common, and insurance companies do not always provide accurate compensation for their replacement. What is a roof insurance claim and how do I get my insurance company to cover it? First, let's take a closer look at roof damage and define what constitutes a claim.
Roof damage can come in many different forms. The main causes are from wind and hail. Wind can cause the shingles to flap up and cause creases in the shingles. This leads to granule loss and can ultimately cause a shortened life of the shingle. Shingles may be broken off, leaving a gaping hole in the roof structure. In many cases, this is covered by your insurance company. We can assist you with getting a proper payment from your insurance for these types of damage. We have seen instances where the insurance companies have paid to replace individual shingles when these types of events happen. This not only reduces the value of the home but does not provide proper appearance as the “dye lots” of the shingles will not match. We have seen these instances repeatedly and have helped numerous homeowners get the proper compensation from the insurance companies of a full roof replacement.
Hail causes a whole different set of issues to the life span of the roof, and it is one of the most common causes of roof damage and roof insurance claims. Small hail and large hail alike can cause circular damage spots on the shingles of your home, soft metal components of the roof, siding, windows and more. In many cases larger hail can break through the shingles and in some cases through the plywood and into the home. The largest reported hail in the United States was 8 inches in diameter. This size of hail causes catastrophic damage to anything it hits. Though this size hail is very rare when it hits your town, it will undoubtedly cause widespread damage and destruction. This type of damage is much easier to spot than damage from smaller hail. Small hail will provide less glaring evidence and many homeowners look at the damage from the ground and don't see anything wrong and leave these claims unreported.
These small amounts of damage may not prove to be an immediate problem to many homeowners as they don't see leaking into their home, missing shingles, damaged shingles, or holes in the roof. However, this smaller damage causes the life expectancy of the roof to diminish greatly and if it is unclaimed at the time of the event it can leave you on the hook to pay for the roof a few years down the road.
The aforementioned issues are very common and, in many cases, go unclaimed because of a lack of knowledge around the building products. Don't let this happen to you when disaster strikes. Reach out to us to for a review of your case and potentially additional compensation. We will help maximize your roof insurance claim, getting you the largest settlement that your policy entitles you to.

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