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Storm Claims

Storms are getting stronger each and every year and the storms are becoming more frequent. As a result there are extensive damages to homes and personal property seemingly on a daily basis. Hurricanes, tornados, hail, wind, floods, and snow and ice storms are all on the rise and causing more and more destruction across the country. Hurricanes are intensifying and are stronger than ever. The southeastern United States are being impacted at an increasing level with 100's of millions and or billions of damage to the areas hit by each storm. Tornadoes are impacting new areas and at an alarmingly high rate as well. The tornadoes are stronger and staying on the ground longer and causing more destruction to small and large population centers alike. These strong storms can cause widespread damage to areas in proximity of the tornado and utter devastation along the direct path. Many times these storms wipe houses and communities off the map and cause even more minor damage to outlying areas surrounding the storm via wind. Hail stones are small to large ice balls that cause massive destruction nearly daily across the country. The largest hail stone reported in the United States was 8 inches in diameter which caused an unbelievable amount of property damage. However, small hail can cause more subtle damage to your home on the roof, siding, and soft metals. Wind storms are intensifying and with the changing climate are happening in many different areas that normally did not have intense wind storms in the past. These types of storms can cause damage to roofs and siding tearing them off the home and opening up the home to water intrusion from the accompanying storm. Floods are becoming more prevalent due to the intensifying storms and heavy rainfall counts that are happening in areas that have soil that is not able to handle the intense and heavy amount of rain. Many insurance policies exclude flood as a cause of loss but if you are in a flood prone area most mortgage companies require you to have flood insurance. It is when these floods hit areas that are not prone to flooding that the most financial damage can occur for the homeowners. They may be left holding the bag if they don't have flood coverage in the event of this type of damage. Snow and ice storms are effecting the northern and southern states with a fury that has been unseen in quite a long time. The snow totals and ice accumulation are causing many issues with roofs, exteriors, and personal property. When any of these disasters strike your home reach out to United Public Adjusters right away for an assessment and assistance with your damage and claim.
Storm Claims

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