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Theft and Vandalism Claims

Theft can occur to anyone in any community. This is when someone breaks into your home and takes items that belong to you when you are either home or away. Anytime you add a new expensive item or piece of equipment to your home make sure to take a picture of it in your home to document its existence in your personal property. This is the proof that it was there and can be critical in a claim for stolen property. Vandalism is when a third party deliberately destroys your home or causes damage to your personal property. This could be a number of things including graffiti on your home, a brick thrown through your window, or could be part of a theft of items in your home. Both of these types of losses may be covered by your insurance policy. Reach out to United Public Adjusters if either of these types of losses happen to you and we will assist with your claim for the damage to your home and or personal property.
Theft & Vandalism Claims

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