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Public Ajduster FAQ

What does a Public Adjuster do?
A Public Adjuster is a licensed professional claims adjuster. Public Adjusters can be hired to negotiate on behalf of homeowners or business owners in order to receive a fair claim settlement. The insurance company's adjuster is employed by the insurance company, while a Public Adjuster is employed by you!
Why should I hire a Public Adjuster?
Public Adjusters handle all communication, negotiation, estimates and appointments with your insurance company. Typically, hiring a Public Adjuster will result in your claim being settled higher and more quickly. Having a Public Adjuster represent you during your insurance claim is no different than having an attorney represent you in court, or a professional athlete hiring an agent.
How does a Public Adjuster get me a higher settlement?
United Public Adjusters will negotiate on your behalf to maximize your claim. Our experience in construction, our understanding of your insurance policy, and our aggressive estimates and negotiation allow us to fight for and recover fair settlements for our customers. Many times, we recover money for items and areas of the home that the homeowner did not realize would be covered.
How do I choose the right Public Adjuster?
Choosing the right Public Adjuster can be difficult. There are a number of Public Adjusters serving the Philadelphia area, and most of them claim to be the best!  The best companies to hire are companies that have credentials, companies that have testimonials, and companies that have a business address rather than a P.O. Box or home address.

There are a lot of individual Public Adjusters who adjust claims on the side and do not have a firm managing the details of the claim. While many of these adjusters will charge minimal fees, the amount they recover may not be worth the fee reduction.