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Are you looking for a career and not just a job? Look no further. Here at United Public Adjusters we help agents and employees build their career for long term success all while helping out the public. Embark on a rewarding career giving back to the communities that you work in on a daily basis. We are the only non-profit public adjusting firm in America. We travel all across our territory to help with everyday claims, such as pipe leaks, fires, toilet overflows, etc., along with disaster area claims, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. No matter what the damage is to the client's home, we have experienced agents ready to help with every aspect of the claim. The United Public Adjusters agent will submit the claim to the homeowner's insurance company, handle all calls, adjuster meetings, negotiations, and settlement of the clients claim. This is a hands-off process for the client and will make the process much easier for them. They just wait for a check to be sent out in the mail.
We have opportunities in a number of areas ranging from in office positions, field and travel teams, and management roles.
The in office opportunities involve marketing, appointment setting, and answering inbound calls. Some of these roles are client facing and some are internal only. These roles are in support of our external field and travel teams. You will be assisting them with getting their schedule filled up with appointments and dealing with client inquiries regarding their open and pending claims.
The field representatives work directly with our clients in their home, assessing damage and completing necessary paperwork for us to assist with the homeowners claims. These opportunities are located in a convenient area near the home of the agent. They will travel around their territory and are generally home each day after they are finished with the day's appointments with our clients. This is where many agents will start out to learn the business and get proficient with the onboarding of a new claim. Once they have become proficient with claim onboarding the agent will have the opportunity to choose to be a part of the travel team if they so choose.
The travel team representatives will be comprised of agents who have become proficient with onboarding new claims and are looking to get involved in disaster area claims. They will travel to disaster areas in the states we service and assist with many different types of claims. The claims that they may assist with but are not limited to flood, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, etc. These claims require additional care due to the nature and extent of the damage in these disaster areas. These agents may be away from their home territory for days, weeks, and sometimes months at a time depending on the extent of the damage and the size of the disaster area.
Adjusters are the individuals who negotiate the claims brought in by the field representatives and travel team. They will work with the insurance company the homeowner has to get the claim paid out properly and quickly. They will produce an estimate for the loss and bring in any experts needed to successfully negotiate the claim and bring it to a proper payout for the client. The experts needed may be roofers, plumbers, siding professionals, tile contractors, carpenters, restoration companies, engineers etc. These agents are responsible for converting the claims brough in by the field representatives and travel team in to dollars in the client's bank account to pay for the damages incurred to their home.
The United Public Adjusters team is growing and we look forward to having you as a part of our team of professionals that help our clients get the proper payouts from their insurance company.

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